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For more than 200 years Mammoet has been carrying out the most challenging lifting and transport operations all over the world.

Over 5,000 Mammoet professionals are the driving force behind the success of the company. Therefore, Mammoet is making sure that all workwear collections -including safety work boots- are

extensively tested by each professional, who works in the harshest of climates and under the most extreme conditions – ranging from extremely cold temperatures in hard-to-reach no-man’s land to the sweltering heat of sand plains

Developed together with Bata Industrials, Mammoet’s new safety boot collection provides the best protection for professionals working under all conditions, no matter how extreme.

Mammoet’s newest safety footwear range has been tested by our own professionals and approved with respect to their quality, comfort, safety, and functionality.

So check out their range of products below and if you have any questions please contact us at sales@stealthmode.eu

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