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Mascot Bimberi Peak Footwear Fit Work Boot F0109-937 – Men, Women

Brand: Mascot

Feel superior protection and unparalleled comfort with the Mascot® Bimberi Peak Work Boot

Advanced Safety: Built to meet the highest safety standards, these metal-free work boots are engineered to safeguard your feet in challenging environments. The composite toe cap and nail protection of special textile material provide essential defense against workplace hazards.

Unwavering Durability: The water-repellent design ensures your feet stay dry even in wet conditions, while the multi-function shank with integrated absorbing cushioning stabilizes your steps for optimal comfort. The light molded scuff cap enhances the boot’s longevity, making it a reliable choice for long-lasting wear.

Exceptional Comfort: Crafted with shock-absorbing insoles that are both removable and durable, these boots ensure each step is cushioned, reducing strain during your workday. The textile breathable lining with moisture-absorbing properties keeps your feet comfortable and dry, promoting a healthier and more productive work environment.

Enhanced Traction: The non-marking sole with a profile depth of 2.5mm offers superior traction, while the ladder grip enhances stability when working on elevated surfaces. These features combine to deliver unwavering confidence and safety in various work conditions.

Versatile Performance: Heat-resistant up to 140°C and oil and petrol-resistant, the Mascot® Bimberi Peak Work Boot is engineered to withstand the demands of your workplace. The ESD approval according to EN IEC standards ensures safety around electrostatic-sensitive equipment.

Specification Sheet

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  • The flexible nail protection of special textile increases comfort and protects against cold. In addition, the textile midsole is larger and better protects against nails and sharp objects in a wider area compared with a steel midsole.
  • The outsole of hard wearing PU is transfer resistant (non-marking). Very slip resistant sole/SRC.
  • Stabilisation with MASCOT’s patented multi-function shank, makes our footwear suitable even when working on uneven surfaces or on ladders.
  • These shoes are completely free of metal – a crucial advantage at airports.
  • The composite toecap is completely free of metal. The composite material does not conduct heat or cold, so the composite toecap provides extra comfort in both hot and cold surroundings.
  • Shock-absorbing insoles are removable, durable and ergonomic.
  • ESD Approved.

Additional Information

Size2.5 (35), 3.5 (36), 4 (37), 5 (38), 6 (39), 6.5 (40), 7 (41), 8 (42), 9 (43), 10 (44), 10.5 (45), 11 (46), 12 (47), 13 (48)
RangeFootwear Fit
ColourBlack, Black (09)
Product Quality NumberF0109-937
Product TypeSafety Boot
Product TypeSafety Boot
Quality WeightSize 42: 602 g
WashingFT088-980-88 Impregnation Spray; FT089-980-88 Foam cleaning set
CertificationSafety Class S3; Ultra Slip Resistant Sole; ESD approved; EN ISO 20345; Orthopaedic Footwear: Suitable for modifications
Industry NameCraftsmen and light building, Light industry and logistics, Craftsmen and building, Light industry and logistics
PersonMen; Women
FeaturesS3, Laces
SegmentsCarpenter, Electrician, Painter, Installer, Gardener, Floor layer, Plumber, Roof fitter, Mechanic, Glazier, Plumber (outdoor), Paver, Woodworker, Warehouse worker, Driver, Forklift driver, Installer, Production worker,