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Mascot Hardwear Trousers with thigh pockets 03079-010

Brand: Mascot

Triple stitched seams at leg and crotch. Belt loops. Fly with zip. Front pockets. Ticket pocket. Back pockets with reinforcement and flaps with hook and loop band fastening. Adjustable hammer loop. CORDURA® fabric reinforced thigh pocket and flap with hook and loop band fastening. Thigh phone pocket with flap and adjustable hook and loop band fastening. Pen pocket in CORDURA® fabric. CORDURA® fabric reinforced ruler pocket. Reflectors. Specification Sheet

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  • Durable triple stitched seams on leg and crotch extend product life.
  • Adjustable hammer loop.
  • CORDURA® fabric reinforced thigh pocket and flap with hook and loop fastening.
  • Ruler pocket and pen pocket in durable CORDURA® fabric.
  • Extra visibility with the help of reflectors.


Additional Information

SizeL32 W27 (82C42), L32 W28 (82C43), L32 W28.5 (82C44), L32 W29.5 (82C45), L32 W30.5 (82C46), L32 W31.5 (82C47), L32 W32.5 (82C48), L32 W33.5 (82C49), L32 W34.5 (82C50), L32 W35.5 (82C51), L32 W36.5 (82C52), L32 W38.5 (82C54), L32 W40.5 (82C56), L32 W42.5 (82C58), L32 W44.5 (82C60), L32 W46.5 (82C62), L32 W48.5 (82C64), L32 W50.5 (82C66), L32 W52.5 (82C68), L32 W54.5 (82C70), L32 W56.5 (82C72), L35 W27 (90C42), L35 W28 (90C43), L35 W28.5 (90C44), L35 W29.5 (90C45), L35 W30.5 (90C46), L35 W31.5 (90C47), L35 W32.5 (90C48), L35 W33.5 (90C49), L35 W34.5 (90C50), L35 W35.5 (90C51), L35 W36.5 (90C52), L35 W38.5 (90C54), L35 W40.5 (90C56), L35 W42.5 (90C58), L35 W44.5 (90C60), L35 W46.5 (90C62), L35 W48.5 (90C64), L35 W50.5 (90C66), L35 W52.5 (90C68), L35 W54.5 (90C70), L35 W56.5 (90C72), W56.5 L32 (82C72), W56.5 L35 (90C72), W27 L32 (82C42), W27 L35 (90C42), W28 L32 (82C43), W28 L35 (90C43), W28.5 L32 (82C44), W28.5 L35 (90C44), W29.5 L32 (82C45), W29.5 L35 (90C45), W30.5 L32 (82C46), W30.5 L35 (90C46), W31.5 L32 (82C47), W31.5 L35 (90C47), W32.5 L32 (82C48), W32.5 L35 (90C48), W33.5 L32 (82C49), W33.5 L35 (90C49), W34.5 L32 (82C50), W34.5 L35 (90C50), W35.5 L32 (82C51), W35.5 L35 (90C51), W36.5 L32 (82C52), W36.5 L35 (90C52), W38.5 L32 (82C54), W38.5 L35 (90C54), W40.5 L32 (82C56), W40.5 L35 (90C56), W42.5 L32 (82C58), W42.5 L35 (90C58), W44.5 L32 (82C60), W44.5 L35 (90C60), W46.5 L32 (82C62), W46.5 L35 (90C62), W48.5 L32 (82C64), W48.5 L35 (90C64), W50.5 L32 (82C66), W50.5 L35 (90C66), W52.5 L32 (82C68), W52.5 L35 (90C68), W54.5 L32 (82C70), W54.5 L35 (90C70)
ColourBlack (09), Navy (01)
Product Quality Number03079-010
Product TypeTrousers with thigh pockets
Quality65% polyester/35% cotton
Quality RemarkCanvas structure with stretch.
Quality Weight310 g/m²
WashingWarm wash, max. 60° C; Do not bleach; Tumble-dry - initial temperature max. 80° C; Iron at low temperature, max. 110° C; Normal dry cleaning
Industrial Care CategoryIndustrial care category B1
CertificationOeko-Tex® Standard 100
Industry NameCraftsmen and light building, Light industry and logistics, Corporate Wear
FeaturesHigh Durability
SegmentsCarpenter, Electrician, Installer, Gardener, Plumber, Mechanic, Glazier, Plumber (outdoor), Paver, Woodworker, Warehouse worker, Driver, Forklift driver, Installer, Production worker, Office worker, Sales representative, Shop employee, Clerk, Receptionist, Security guard, Hotel employee, Cleaner,