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Viking Rubber Extreme Access Windproof Hi Vis Waterproof Jacket – 111143-181 – Part of the Ultimate Set

Engineered to conquer even the most extreme conditions, the Viking Rubber Ultimate Hi-Vis Wind & Waterproof Jacket is your reliable shield against the harshest environments.

No challenge is too great for this extraordinary piece of workwear. As a vital component of the Viking Rubber Ultimate series, this jacket is designed to outlast the most demanding elements, ensuring you remain dry and comfortable.

Stay visible and secure in all conditions with the built-in hi-vis technology. Whether your surroundings are dim or well-lit, this jacket’s hi-vis properties keep you noticeable, enhancing your safety on the job.

Embrace the freedom to tackle any task, rain or shine. Equipped with cutting-edge waterproof and windproof features, this jacket creates an impervious barrier against even the most relentless downpours and gusts. Crafted for ultimate breathability, it ensures you stay cool and comfortable, regardless of the situation’s demands. The innovative design empowers you to work without restraint, maintaining peak productivity.

Seamlessly complementing our 2-piece set, which includes the Viking Extreme Access Windproof Hi Vis Waterproof Trousers – Ultimate and the jacket itself, the Viking Rubber Extreme Access Ultimate Hi-Vis set forms an unyielding shield against cold drafts, allowing you to focus entirely on your task.

Equipped with detachable braces, an ID pocket, and walkie pockets, this jacket is tailor-made for modern professionals. Each feature is thoughtfully integrated to enhance your workflow and convenience.

Even during harness-clad climbing, the Viking Ultimate Hi-Vis Waterproof Jacket excels. The front pocket, designed with dual openings, ensures easy access for rope technicians while harnessed, underscoring commitment to efficiency and safety.

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Features of this hi vis waterproof jacket


  • EN Standard: EN20471 class 2 + EN343 class 4
  • Waterproofness: 20,000mm
  • Breathability: 15,000 g/m2/24hr


  • Detachable Braces
  • ID pocket
  • Walkie Talkie pocket
  • 2 pocket openings for easy access when wearing a harness


  • Hi Vis waterproof Jacket
  • Windproof

Industry Sectors suitable for this hi vis waterproof jacket

  • Wind Industry
  • Utilities/ Telecomms
  • Crane Hire
  • Steel Erecting
  • Machinery Movement
  • Construction

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About Viking Rubber

“It will always rain, so proper rainwear is needed” – Aage Holger Rasmussen

Established in 1935 by Aage Holger Rasmussen and Hans Frederik Ejnar Rasmussen when the brothers saw their chance to create something new and change the world through the new rubberized textile that emerged in the 1930s. They realized that their reputation had to be good, and therefore the quality had to be the best, so Viking Rubber Company was born.

In 1965 Aage Holger decided to buy his brother out of the company and in 1975 Svend Aage Andersen, a sailor, real estate broker and stockbroker from Odense, drove to Faaborg to buy a windmill. On his way down to Faaborg his friend mentioned, that there was a rainwear factory in town, that they could look at. Svend Aage, who had been at sea since the age of 13, could not resist!

He drove to the company and saw its potential;

Additional Information

BrandViking Rubber
SizeS, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL
EN StandardEN20471 class 2, EN243 class 4
Waterproofness20,000 mm
Breathability15,000 g/m2/24hr