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Viking Rubber Extreme Access Windproof Hi Vis Water-repellent Trousers – 422085-413 – Part of the Performance Set

Unleash unparalleled safety and convenience with the Performance Trousers, a vital part of the Performance series tailored to elevate your workwear experience.

As an integral component of the Performance series, these trousers are a testament to innovative design and functionality. Designed to complement the Performance jacket, these hi vis water-repellent trousers are a versatile companion for various tasks.

The hanging pockets, typically restricted in rope access environments, can be securely closed off in the Performance trousers. This innovative feature ensures safety, even in elevated settings.

Designed to pair with the Viking Extreme Access Windproof Hi Vis Water-repellent Jacket– Performance, these trousers offer an advanced level of protection against cold drafts by connecting through a zipper. This ensures a snug fit, safeguarding your comfort even in challenging conditions.

Renowned for exceptional breathability, the softshell fabric guarantees exceptional comfort, making these trousers a preferred choice even on warmer days. Your comfort is paramount, allowing you to focus solely on your tasks.

The Performance series stands as a functional choice for year-round use for versatility and consistent performance.

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Features of these hi vis water-repellent trousers


  • EN Standard: EN20471 class 1
  • Water-repellent
  • Breathability: 20,000 g/m2/24hr


  • Detachable hanging pockets


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About Viking Rubber

“It will always rain, so proper rainwear is needed” – Aage Holger Rasmussen

Established in 1935 by Aage Holger Rasmussen and Hans Frederik Ejnar Rasmussen when the brothers saw their chance to create something new and change the world through the new rubberized textile that emerged in the 1930s. They realized that their reputation had to be good, and therefore the quality had to be the best, so Viking Rubber Company was born.

In 1965 Aage Holger decided to buy his brother out of the company and in 1975 Svend Aage Andersen, a sailor, real estate broker and stockbroker from Odense, drove to Faaborg to buy a windmill. On his way down to Faaborg his friend mentioned, that there was a rainwear factory in town, that they could look at. Svend Aage, who had been at sea since the age of 13, could not resist!

He drove to the company and saw its potential;

Additional Information

BrandViking Rubber
Size44-46, 47-49, 50-52, 53-55, 56-58, 59-61, 62-64
EN StandardEN20471 class 1
Breathability20,000 g/m2/24hr