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Gift Vouchers and Custom Corporate Gift Cards

Services such as Custom Corporate Gift Cards and Gift vouchers for our webshop can be offered. At Stealth Mode we are happy to offer discount for high volume orders.

We can also offer you your own Bespoke Custom Corporate Gift Card and can configure it for a specified value on our Webshop or set it up for your own branded products on a dedicated gift card site.

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Example of Corporate Gift Card – Front
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Gift Distribution

If you need to distribute promotional or reward gifts to your staff or customers at various addresses worldwide Stealth Mode can help you.

We have the facility to post individual products or product packs worldwide including taking care of all customs charges and taxes.

And we can offer a bespoke solution to capture orders if you wish to give a choice or simply want a ring fenced solution which you can check out here.

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Bespoke Solutions

At Stealth Mode we have been working hard to develop some innovative solutions for the distribution of your company logo branded promotional gifts and workwear.

We can set up a system for your company using a unique gift card code which can be configured to your requirements. It can be set up for single or multiple product options of your choosing including different grades or values, with or without company logo branding. We can offer gift vouchers for our main shop site or develop a bespoke gift card site just for your company. Whatever you require for your company, Stealth Mode can find a way to fulfil your needs and meet your expectations.

These systems are ideally suited for those companies who wish to solve the logistical difficulties involved in distributing gifts and workwear branded with a company logo to their staff and customers.

Many companies have staff working remotely and customers in multiple locations so it can make a lot of sense to have the goods shipped directly to an address of the bearers choosing. During the current pandemic this contact free system has been an ideal solution in the face of the ever-changing Covid restrictions.

Please contact if you would like to find out how Stealth Mode can help your company.

Staff Pack

At Stealth Mode we understand the time spent kitting out all your staff and trawling through boxes of clothing looking for the required size for your employee.

And the good news is that we can take away all that hassle.

If you provide us with a list of your employees referenced with the size and quantity of each garment they require we can supply that staff member with their full uniform packaged individually.

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Mascot Smartstore

Mascot SmartStore is a user-friendly system that can be used by anyone – even individual employees – any time, anywhere. As a company, you can ensure a consistent look by choosing your own product range for your employees.


  • Smart error free ordering
  • Suitable for Medium and Large size businesses
  • Easy and customised

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There are many methods of printing available to achieve the perfect logo on your promotional product using some of the following main methods:

  • Screen Printing
  • Direct to Garment Printing (DTG)
  • Sublimation Printing
  • Vinyl Transfer

Whatever your logo or design Stealth Mode will be able to help you achieve a vibrant and crisp finish that wears and washes beautifully.

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Stealth Mode can provide your company with all your embroidery requirements.

Embroidery is often the best method of decorating promotional clothing and workwear. Embroidering is the craft of applying designs to an item through the use of needle and thread to stitch a logo into the garment unlike printing where the logo is essentially stuck on top of the garment.

Embroidery does not fade overtime or after so many washes and modern machines have up to 12 needles per head so producing full colour logos is not as price sensitive as more traditional methods such as screen printing.

There is a wide range of thread colours available meaning that matching your company logos is easily achievable.

Once your design has been set up digitally, it will be ready for precision-embroidery onto the workwear, sportswear, promotional, or corporate clothing of your choice.

Pricing is per position and based on the number of stitches required to create your design. Amazingly, a small logo can require as many as 10,000 stitches, while larger designs might call for 40,000 or more! Happily—with the latest cutting-edge equipment at hand—embroidery provides a cost-effective branding solution that always leaves a polished impression.

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